Post High Rugby Pack - Premium

Post High Rugby Pack – Premium

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Line Up Your Dream, From Anywhere
Post High Pack
Sport: Rugby League (NRL) & Rugby Union

First ever retractable Rugby Goal Posts for League and Union have FINALLY arrived. We’ve designed our posts to be durable, light, portable and of course, easy to setup and ‘cool’ to use. Kids NOW can own their own set of Rugby posts to setup in the backyard, down at the beach or away on school holidays.

The posts are only 35cm in length. Once retracted the Rugby posts will stand at 2.07m in height with the cross bar expanding the width of the goals to 1.2m.

Oh and by the way, they also glow in the dark. Kids now can continue to Line Up Their Dream, From Anywhere and Anytime. Enjoy.


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2 x Posts
2 x Mats
1 x Cross Bar
4 x Base Pegs
1 x Drawstring Bag

Weight 6 kg

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